Kaya is a character, first introduced in Ash vs Evil Dead Season Three. She is a former sorceress of the Knights of Sumeria who later becomes a necromancer after betraying her order, she was a close protégé and ally of Ruby. She is played by Chelsie Preston Crayford.


Kaya was originally a member of the knights of sumeria, until she betrayed them. She helped Ruby betray the other Dark Ones in order to have unlimited power over all evil for themselves.

Ruby contacts her with the use of the Necronomicon. They use the book as a communication device and later to summon Kaya into the mortal world. Ruby transports her soul into the freshly deceased Kelly, so she can help her defeat Ash. Kaya speaks in an english accent, but otherwise she acts as Kelly to Ash and Pablo. She tries to manipulate them against each other, but Pablo quickly suspects that something is off with Kelly. Later on, Kaya captures Zoe and use her as a vessel for Ruby's experiments.

Kaya's stay in the mortal realm came to an end when the rest of the Dark Ones escape their eternal captivity. In an ironic turn of events, the ones she helped Ruby betray, expels her soul from Kelly's body. Her original body is then spat out of one of the Dark One's stomach via through a portal, while in Kelly's body she was having her soul pulled out by another Dark One until it is then put it into her original body. Kaya is then incinerated right in front of Ruby.


Kaya is shown to have a great respect towards Ruby and looks at her as her friend. The ex knight also has a twisted sense of humour, just like Ruby has, showing that the ancients ones bear quite a lot of similarities to humans.


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