The Kandarian Summoning Stone is a powerful ancient artifact which gives it's controller the power to control(and destroy)the Deadite hordes.It's first,and only,appearance was in Evil Dead:A Fistful Of Boomstick.


While the origin of the Stone is unknown,Nathaniel Payne is said to have found it,and taken it to his Museum within Dearborn.Taking it into his Temple inside the Museum,Payne seems to have mutated into a large demonic torso and head,with the Stone becoming part of his body.The full power of the Stone is unknown, but it seems to be able to augment the powers of individuals, often turning them into gigantic deadite creatures.It also is able to send people through time and alternate dimensions,as Ash did at the end of the game.
A nathaniel

Nathaniel Payne mutated

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