The Kandarian Dagger is a large dagger with supernatural properties found by Professor Knowby with the Necronomicon while exploring the ruins of Castle Kandar. Its handle is made from human bone and while looking no different from any other fancy-looking knife at antique stores the dagger's blade itself is able to neutralize/incapacitate/kill Deadites with a single stab (opposed to dismembering the actual body), slashes/gashes/even mere touch made by the said dagger burn deadites' fleshes. Deadites, beings known to withstand and shake off even the gravest of physical injuries inflicted upon them as if they are mere pricks, screams in pain when wounds are inflicted by Kandarian Dagger. It first appears in The Evil Dead and makes later appearances in Evil Dead II and Ash vs Evil Dead.

Although a weapon able to kill supernatural creatures, Kandarian Dagger can still kill ordinary non-possessed humans. In Ash vs. Evil Dead, according to Pablo's hypothesis, those who are killed by evil have their souls taken to Deadlands, indicating that the dagger possesses essence of evil as Brandy and Kelly are killed by the dagger (and Ash committed suicide with the dagger) and find themselves stuck in Deadlands.

Fictional Biography


The dagger's origin is unknown, although it was most likely made to combat the Deadites or Dark Ones.

1300 AD-20th Century

At some point after Ash Williams left 1300 AD, the dagger found it's way to Castle Kandar. In the late 20th century, Professor Raymond Knowby, Henrietta Knowby, Annie Knowby, and Ed Getley discovered the dagger (along with the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis) in the castle's ruins. It was brought back to the Knowby's Cabin when Raymond and Henrietta returned to the United States.

Events At The Cabin


Annie Knowby protects herself with the Kandarian Dagger (Evil Dead II).

Ash Williams and his friend Scotty discover the Kandarian Dagger in the fruit cellar of the Cabin shortly after they arrive. Over the course of two nights, the dagger was used to fight against Deadites and was used to (accidently) stab Jake in the chest. Later, Ash's severed hand stabbed Annie Knowby in the back with the dagger.

30 Years Later

Some time between Ash being sucked back in time and the early 21st century, a Dark One calling itself Ruby Knowby found the dagger. When Ruby got her hands on the Necronomicon, she used the dagger to remove the flesh cover of the book. After Ash Williams made a deal with Ruby to unleash all the evil upon the world, Ash took the dagger from her "for insurance". When Ash returned to his hometown of Elk Grove, Michigan, he taped the Kandarian Dagger to the end of his Boomstick, creating a makeshift bayonet.

Beyond The Films and Television Series

Evil Dead 2 Comics

The Kandarian Dagger plays a major role in Space Goat's Evil Dead 2 comics, first appearing in Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn. While in Hell, Annie Knowby and Ash use the dagger to kill demons and absorb their souls into it. Ash puts the souls of Annie's parents into the dagger, and once returning to the land of the living, not only releases the souls of the Knowby family, but also the spirits of the demons that they killed while in Hell.

Evil Dead: Hail To The King

The Deadite Annie Knowby wields the dagger in the video game Evil Dead: Hail To The King.



  • The Kandarian Dagger was created by Tom Sullivan.
  • The dagger's design was changed for Evil Dead II, with the blade looking more spine or tail-like. When the dagger returned in Ash vs Evil Dead, the blade was changed back to it's original shape.
  • The dagger was made to look more snake-like in the television series.
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