Joanie is a transgender woman who moonlights as a prostitute.

Joanie first appeared in Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2, and was portrayed by Medulla Oblongata.


Chet looking at the body of Joanie.


Joanie was caught having sex with Chet Kaminski and arrested. It is mentioned by Deputy Polly that this is a regular occurrence between the two. When Ruby demands that all the prisoners be let out, she is among them.

When the group is debating over who Baal may be possessing, she is quick to say it's Pablo, believing that he is in her words "skeevy as shit".

Eventually, the skinless corpse of Margie attacks, having become a Baal Demon. It heads straight for Joanie, who picks up a pair of shears and attacks the demon head on. Unfortuantely, the demon rips off Joanie's arm and throws her through a glass window, practically beheading her. Due to the attachment Chet had for her, he is understandably upset with her death.



  • Joanie is the second confirmed LGBT character in the Evil Dead franchise after Ruby Knowby.
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