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Jake was the owner of Jake's Gas 'N Go and the boyfriend of Bobby Joe.

Jake's first appearance was in Evil Dead II, where he was portrayed by Dan Hicks.


Early Life

Almost nothing is known about Jake's early life, except at some point he began having a relationship with a woman named Bobby Joe.

Events At The Cabin (October, 1982)

For reasons unknown, Jake and Bobby Joe had discovered the bridge leading to the Knowby cabin had been destroyed. It was during their examination of the bridge that Annie Knowby (the daughter of the cabin's owners) and Ed Getley had arrived, and asked the two if there was an alternate route to the cabin. Jake told them that there was a trail leading around the ravine, which he offered to show them (for a price).

Jake and Bobby Joe led the two archeologists through the woods, leading them directly to the cabin. When the four arrived, they were shocked to discover a one-handed stranger (armed with a shotgun and a blood-soaked chainsaw inside), instead of the Knowbys. Jake attacked the stranger after the man (accidentally) shot Bobby Joe in the shoulder, locking him up in the cabin's fruit cellar.

After Annie Knowby listens to a recording made by her father detailing his accidental unleashing of a Kandarian Demon upon his property, the Deadite Henrietta Knowby emerges from the cellar's dirt floor and attacks the stranger. Reluctantly, the four (including Jake) unlock the cellar's door, allowing for Ash to escape.

Later, the ghost of Raymond Knowby appears to Ash, Jake, Bobby Joe, and Annie. As the ghastly image of the dead professor fades away, Bobby Joe asks Jake to stop holding her hand so tight. Jake then tells her that he isn't holding her hand, realizing that the hand holding her is Ash's living severed hand. Bobby Joe, frightened by this encounter, runs out of the cabin and into the woods, shrieking in terror all the way. Concerned for his lover's safety, Jake interrupts Ash and Annie's plan of using the "lost pages" of the Necronomicon to grab the shotgun and toss the pages into the cellar, forcing them to go out and look for Bobby Joe.

When the trio step outside, Ash is attacked by the Kandarian Demon and turned into a Deadite, attacking Jake as Annie flees back inside the cabin. Annie arms herself with the Kandarian Dagger, awaiting for the Deadite Ash to make his next move. When the cabin's back door opens, Annie blindly stabs the intruder with the dagger, which turns out to be Jake. Annie drags the wounded Jake into the cabin's living room, only for him to get grabbed by the Deadite Henrietta and dragged into the cellar. While Annie tries to save Jake from her undead mother, her struggle is no use, and Jake is reduced to nothing more than a skeleton.

30 Years Later

30 years after his initial trip, Ash Williams returned to the cabin in an attempt to rid himself of the Necronomicon for good. While heading down into the cellar to save his friend Pablo Simon Bolivar from a Dark One known as Ruby, he stumbles across Jake's skeleton, untouched for the past three decades.




Behind the scenes photo of Dan Hicks and Jake's Gas 'N Go Truck.

  • In the first draft of Evil Dead II (then titled "Evil Dead II - The Army of Darkness"), Jake was 28 years old, married to the 22 year old Bobby Joe, and worked at Norm's Bait Gas 'N Go. Jake also survives longer in this draft than he did in the final film, teaming-up with Ash to look in the fruit cellar for the pages, but is still killed by Henrietta (via decapitation).