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Army of Darkness: Home Sweet Hell is a four issue story-arc released in 2008 by Dynamite Entertainment. It picks up immediately after the Long Road Home story. It is issues 9-12 in Volume 2 of Dynamite's Army of Darkness series.

The Story

After resetting the world using the Necronomicon and his blood, Ash Williams is back to being a just a nobody working at S-Mart. The only person remembering that he was The Chosen One is his time-displaced medieval girlfriend, Sheila. No matter what she does to try to make him remember who he was, he still has no memory of his past. Meanwhile, the physical forms of The Seven Deadly Sins are looking for a new Sloth, someone to punish those who have died because of this sin for all eternity, and a memory-wiped Ash might be the best candidate...

Alternate Covers


  • In issue 9, Sheila is putting away movies on shelves in S-Mart, two being Darkman and the other A Complicated Plan (a parody of A Simple Plan). Both of these films are Sam Raimi directed movies.

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