The Henrietta Knowby of Earth-818793 was the wife of Raymond Knowby and the mother of Annie Knowby. She became a Deadite when her husband accidently unleashed a Kandarian Demon upon the Earth.


Becoming A Deadite

When Professor Raymond Knowby was studying and translating the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, he accidently unleashed a Kandarian Demon. The demon attacked his wife, Henrietta, and she became a Deadite. He somehow managed to subdue her and bury her in the cellar of their Cabin.

Ash's Return To The Cabin

Shortly before Ash Williams returned to the Cabin to find a way to get his girlfriend, Sheila, back to the world of the living, Annie, JakeEdLinda, and Henrietta were resurrected as Deadites to torment Ash once again upon his arrival to the Cabin.

After defeating all the other Deadites, Henrietta was the only one left to fight Ash. While Ash was fighting her, he realized that Henrietta was the wife of Raymond Knowby, and her husband's spirit was the connection between the world of the living and the world of the Deadites. Ash managed to decapitate her and proceeded to shoot her head with his Boomstick.


  • Unlike her film counterpart, she did not fight Ash Williams when he was at the cabin the first time.
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