Annie Knowby watches the spirits of the damned fall into Hell (Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn #1).

Hell (AKA The Underworld, Hades, Sheol or Muspheliem ) is a location where the mortal Souls of the damned are punished for eternity. It is a place from which demonic evil spirits come from.

Notable Residents of Hell

These creatures/humans currently reside in Hell:

  • Rabisu: The Self-Proclaimed Ruler of Hell who feasted on the souls of the dead who fell into Hell. He was killed by a simulacrum copy of Ash Williams when Ash found that he had swallowed the souls of Raymond and Henrietta Knowby.
  • Hastur: The three-headed Triune Duke of The Pit Infernal, who needed the help of the simulacrum Ash to defeat a resurrected Adolf Hitler, and in return, remove the Deadite energy inside of Ash so he can never become a Deadite again. Simulacrum Ash defeated Hitler, but Hastur went back on his promise, so Ash destroyed two out of the three heads.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: The physical forms of the seven deadly sins live and work in Hell, where they torture certain individuals who have sinned enough to be given eternal punishment. The humans who are chosen to be a physical manifestation of a certain sin are chosen every ten years, then a new deceased human will take their place.

Notable Visitors of Hell

These people have been through Hell (literally), and escaped back to the living world.

  • Annie Knowby: Shortly after Ash Williams was sucked back in time, Annie (and The Cabin) were dropped into Hell. Annie didn't want to stick around any longer than she had to, so she conjured up a simulacrum copy of Ash with his Evil Hand and looked for a way to open a portal back to the living world.
  • Ash (Simulacrum): A copy of Ash grown inside Hell itself. He freed Henrietta and Raymond Knowby while their daughter Annie opened a portal to the living world.
  • Raymond and Henrietta Knowby: The spirits of this husband and wife couple were sent to Hell sometime before Ash and his friends arrived to their cabin in the mountains. Their souls were eaten by Rabisu, but they were soon freed by the simulacrum copy of Ash Williams. When Annie and Ash returned to the living world, the Knowby's souls were released, presumably going to Heaven.
  • Adolf Hitler: When he was accidentally resurrected in 21st Century Germany, Hitler figured he would need help if he was going to try to take over the world (again), so he goes to hell to recruit the souls of the dead to return to the living world with him to be his army of the undead, but he is stopped by the simulacrum copy of Ash.
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