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Heather was a young woman whom Ash, Pablo, Amanda and Kelly meet when she and her two married friends Brad and Melissa hiked near the cabin. Heather first appeared in Ash vs Evil Dead Season One, and was portrayed by Samara Weaving.


Heather and her friends are first seen hiking in the forest, not far away from the Cabin. Upon meeting Pablo and Kelly, she expresses a desire to rest at the cabin, but her friends decide to continue hiking to find the main road. They return to the cabin later, claiming they had become lost. Pablo and Kelly attempt to help them find the main road rather than risk them being at the cabin, but things go awry after her friends are killed by the Deadite Amanda.

Her leg was injured in the attack, and the group returns to the cabin. It is later revealed that Heather is studying to be a dental hygienist. At the cabin, it is shown that she is rather weak-willed and easily scared, suggesting that she and Kelly leave the group and try to escape while they can, which causes the cabin to single her out as its next victim.

The cabin ejects Kelly through the front door and locks Heather inside, where it proceeds to torture her by throwing furniture at her, impaling her with nails, and tossing her around the room. Eventually, she is torn apart and her body parts are tossed out of the front door at Kelly. Her head had become possessed in the process and taunts Kelly before being kicked away into the woods.


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