This Ash Williams was the guardian of the gateway between Hell and the living world. His first appeared and died in Army of Darkness Comics Volume 3 #7 but his corpse later appeared in issue #13.


The Cabin

This version of Ash presumably had a similar experience at the Knowby's Cabin like his film and Earth-818793 counterpart. It is unknown if he was accidently sent back in time as well.


At some point after returning from the trip at the cabin, Ash was locked up in an insane asylum because the general public believed that he was just crazy and killed his friends.

Meeting Ted

During an escape attempt, Ash met Ted, a half-Deadite midget who was part of a team that was sent to kill Ash before he could escape the asylum. When Ted met Ash, he suddenly had a strange compulsion to help Ash in his fight against the Deadites.

Sent To Hell & Becoming The Guardian

Some time after escaping with Ted from the asylum and fighting the Deadites, Ash and Ted were sent to Hell thanks to the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. The two found themselves in front of a replica of the cabin where Ash had killed his friends. When Ash approached the front door, he was approached by another version of himself wearing a strange red gauntlet called the "Hand of Shiva". This Ash informed the two newcomers that all Ashes from across the multiverse are chosen to guard the gateway between Hell and Earth. It's unknown what happened to the Ash that met the two, the new guardian Ash claims that he killed him, although later he states that he just died and left it to the new Ash.

Meeting Ashley K. Williams & Death

Years after being stuck in Hell, Ash and Ted met Ashley K. Williams, whom Ash believed to be the new guardian. When demons began to surround the gateway, Ash was killed by Ashley K. Williams, who revealed that she was under the influence of The Dark Ones.


  • This version of Ash is a slightly altered version of the Ash that appears in Evil Dead Regeneration, sharing a similar biography (arrested for being a psychopath and killing his friends).
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