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Raymond Knowby's ghost appears in the cabin (Evil Dead II)

Ghosts are the visual manifestations of a deceased individual's spirit or soul.

The existence of ghosts within the Evil Dead mythology was first seen in the Evil Dead II film, and was later expanded upon with other forms of media.

Reasoning For The Existence of Ghosts

Brock Williams, Cheryl Williams, and Chet Kaminski appear as ghosts (Ash vs Evil Dead: Second Coming)

More often than not, the spirit of the deceased individual is either a "restless soul", with some sort of unfinished business in the world of the living, or acts as a messenger, appearing to the living with a warning they could not deliver while still alive. These spirits commonly manifest on their own, perhaps due to the individual wanting to return to the world of the living, but there have been several instances of "disturbed graves" or spells or curses involving the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis bringing an individual or multiple people back.

Powers & Abilities

Ash possesses himself (Army of Darkness Volume 2 #27)

  • Memory Projection: Some ghosts had the ability to display a memory to a living being as if it were a real time event. Brock Williams did this to show his son Ash that a Knight of Sumeria visited his hardware store in 2012.
  • Possession: The ghost of the Ash Williams of Earth-818793 was able to possess his younger body for a short period of time before he was erased from existence. While his "future self" possessed his body, the current Ash was unaware that he had been possessed in the first place.

Known Ghosts

Sheila's ghost appears outside the cabin (Army of Darkness Volume 1 #7)


Army of Darkness Comics

  • Sheila (Earth-818793): The spirit of Sheila visited Ash after he destroyed The Cabin. Similar to Raymond Knowby, Sheila's soul was trapped in the Mirror Dimension, and used a ghostly form to warn Ash of the coming Anti-Christ.
  • Ash Williams (Earth-818793): After Hell's Prophet managed to completely overtake Ash's body, Ash's ghost remained among the world of the living for several years, helplessly watching as Hell's Prophet took over the world.
  • Blackbeard: Resurrected by a cursed placed upon them by the Necronomicon, Blackbeard (along with the crew of the Queen Anne's Revenge) was brought back as ghost/Deadite hybrid in a harbor located in Charleston, South Carolina.