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Georgia was a Succubus who had a brief romantic affair with Ash Williams.

Georgia first appeared in Army of Darkness Volume 2 #19.


Early Encounters

The earliest known documentation of Georgia came from the journal of Samuel Fenrison (a member of the original League of Light team from the late 19th Century), who stated that The Chosen One of that era had fallen in love with a "deadly and beautiful red-haired Succubus". Fenrison traveled to Europe (where The Chosen One was stationed), and somehow "saved" The Chosen One from Georgia, but did not kill her during their confrontation.

Meeting Ash Williams

By the 21st Century, Georgia had relocated to the United States of America, specifically Middletown, West Virginia. Shortly after arriving at a bar called "The Well", a man named Ash walked up to Georgia and introduced himself. After several consecutive nights of meeting each other in the bar, Ash and Georgia's relationship eventually moved from just talking into something more physical. Following what was presumably their first time having sex, Ash noted how tired he had felt afterward, which was strange to him as he didn't tire easy. Georgia then asked Ash to move into her home, which Ash agreed to.

A few days later, Ash had returned to Georgia's home and told her about a series of disappearances at his warehouse workplace. The following evening, Ash awoke in the middle of the night to find a giant red monster standing over a body. Quickly grabbing his nearby shotgun, Ash was getting ready to shoot the creature when he noticed that the body on the floor was that of a man and not Georgia. The monster then transformed right before Ash's eyes into Georgia.

Georgia explained to Ash that she was a Succubus, a creature that feeds on a person's "life essence" through sex. She then asked Ash if his life essence was mystical, as with a normal humans it's typically a one-time deal before they're killed. Ash stated that he was a Chosen One, and Georgia didn't seemed surprised, saying that she had encountered previous Chosen Ones before. Georgia then elaborated that she was behind the disappearance of Ash's warehouse co-workers, and since she was feeding off Ash's Chosen One energies, she didn't need to kill as much as she normally would. Ash, angered that he had become an "Energy Sugar Daddy" and that innocent people were still being killed because of him, shot out the rotten wooden floor under Georgia's feet, sending her plummeting to the fractured wooden boards below.

Ash looked down into the darkness and saw Georgia, while impaled by the splintered planks, was still alive. Georgia begged for Ash to save her, promising she would "be good" if he did, but Ash simply gathered his belongings and drove off, leaving Georgia for dead. Even long after he had departed, Georgia still was calling out for Ash to save her.

While it is unknown what happened to her following this incident, it's very likely that she died from her injuries.

Powers & Abilities

  • Shape-Shifting: Georgia was able to transform between a Succubus form and a human form.
  • "Life Essence" Feeding: Georgia survived by feeding on an individual's Life Essence. She implied that there were multiple ways for her to do this, but sex had proven to be the most effective.
  • Possible Immortality: While Georgia's exact age is unknown, her powers and frequent feedings had let her live for at least 200 years with no signs of aging on her human form.


  • Georgia later makes two cameos in Army of Darkness Volume 2 #20. First, she appears as an illusion by Ash, then later appears as a drawing in Samuel Fenrison's journal.