Cheryl in the Fruit Cellar in The Evil Dead

The Fruit Cellar first appeared in The Evil Dead and made appearances in all the subsequent films, except Army Of Darkness. It has often been used to "imprison" Deadites in The Cabin, including CherylHenrietta, and Mia, all of them spending most of their screen time in the Cellar.  

Evil Dead 

The Cellar has a trap door leading down some wooden steps into the main room. Then, there is a secondary room housing the hot-water heater (this is how the room floods in the Reboot). Strangely, though in the films deadites have been shown breaking through walls, bricks, etc., they are never able to break the Cellar door or chains. Henrietta becomes trapped in here in Evil Dead II, and kills Jake while in the Cellar. In the Reboot, the cellar is found with dead cats hanging from the ceiling, and the beginning of the film it shows a group of people killing a Deadite. The Necronomicon, and the Boomstick are found down here.

Jake being devoured by Henrietta

Evil Dead 2013 Intro HD - Im so sorry baby

Evil Dead 2013 Intro HD - Im so sorry baby

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