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The Evil Dead Pinball was a mobile game developed by THQ and the Russian-based company Cybiko Wireless for mobile phones. It was the first game based on the Evil Dead franchise made exclusively for mobile devices, and the second officially licensed video game to be based solely on the first Evil Dead film. THQ released it in 2003 to coincide with Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick, another game developed by the company.

Game Overview


The objective of the game is to collect all the pages of the Book of The Dead so they can be destroyed. This is accomplished by the player getting the pinball to roll over certain areas of the "board".


The game only consists of one level and one playable "board" layout.


THQ Team

  • Stuart Platt - Producer
  • Jeremy Rosenthal - Associate Producer
  • Kelley Carroll - Marketing Manager
  • Chris Sturr - Product Manager
  • David Sapienza - Senior Tester
  • Matthew Lee - Tester
  • Andrea Martin - Tester
  • Carlos Restrepo -Tester

Cybiko Team

  • Oleg Bolotov - Programmer
  • Igor Ivkin - Artist
  • John Newcomer - Designer
  • Olga Vladychenko - Technical Writer
  • Ilya Kruchinin - Tester
  • Alexandra Dolgova - Tester
  • Eugene Sotnikov - Producer
  • John Newcomer - Producer
  • Don Wisniewski - Executive Producer