This is about the upcoming project by Jasco Games. You might be looking for the cancelled Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game by Space Goat Productions.


Official promotional image featuring character miniatures, game board, and box art.

Evil Dead 2: The Board Game is an upcoming tabletop board game produced by Jasco Games and Lynnvander Studios.


In October of 2018, Jasco Games announced that they would revive the cancelled Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game project following the collapse and bankruptcy of Space Goat Productions earlier in the year.


After almost a full year of silence, Jasco announced through their official Facebook account that a Kickstarter campaign launching on August 21st, 2019. The page on Kickstarter explained that backers of the original failed project would receive a copy of the new game for free should they reach/exceed it's $195,000 goal over the course of the 24 day campaign.

On September 14th, 2019, the campaign closed with 2,661 backers donating a total of $203,980.


Much like the original Space Goat version of the game, players search through The Cabin for pages of the Necronomicon, fighting their way through Deadites and various Bosses. It can be played with three to six people, with an average game time of 60 minuets.


  • The game recycles many of the character and item miniatures originally created for the original Space Goat version of the game.

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