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Evil Dead 2: Revenge of the Martians is a one-shot comic from Space Goat Productions released on October 19th, 2016. The story involves Ash facing off against the Martians from the H.G. Wells novel: The War of the Worlds. It is the third title in Space Goat's "Evil Dead 2: Revenge of" one-shots.


In the secret American government facility Area 54, where the United States Government holds Martian Tripods and preserved corpses of their alien operators from an interplanetary war in the nineteenth century, a Dr. Don Carter brings a copy of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis to one of the laboratories in the facility. Wanting to pick up where Professor Raymond Knowby left off, he begins to translate The Book of The Dead, reading the passages out loud. The passage resurrects a Martian corpse, and it begins to attack the scientists in the laboratory. Meanwhile, the simulacrum Ash has become an Uber driver to help pay for repairs for his Oldsmobile. His newest passenger, Norma, a secret Government agent going to Area 54, spots a Martian Tripod attacking cars on the highway ahead of them. She informs Ash that The War of The Worlds wasn't a piece of fiction, but a real event. When the Deadite Martian spots Ash, it immediately recognises him as The Chosen One, and promises to wipe out him and every other human on Earth. Ash and Norma manage to escape and race to Area 54, which is under attack from another Martian. The two find Dr. Carter and begin to try to figure out how to kill the Martians. Norma realizes that the Martians were defeated by the germs, specifically the common cold, and they could use dead germ samples pulled from the Martian bodies to defeat the undead Martians. The three head to a lab and grabs the samples of dead germs. Ash says since he's gone up against the Deadites before, he'll get captured and be brought into the Tripod, and no sooner than he says this, he is brought aboard the Tripod and comes face to face with the Deadite Martian. The germs go airborne and the Deadite Martian falls dead. Later, after all the Martians have been defeated, Ash wants Norma to "Plant one right on the hero's kisser", so she punches him in the jaw.

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  • It would be impossible for the simulacrum Ash to have the Oldsmobile that "Has gotten me through a lot of tough scrapes" since it went back in time with the real Ash, although he could have bought a new one entirely.

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