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Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Jack The Ripper is a one-shot released by Space Goat Publishing on October 26th, 2016. It is the fourth entry in the "Evil Dead 2: Revenge of" series of one-shots.


After hitchhiking across the American southwest, the simulacrum copy of Ash Williams has found employment as a B-Movie actor in Hollywood. Ash finds out he is going to play a cop in a film about Jack The Ripper, but he only has one scene and one line of dialogue. As the cameras start to roll on set, the Assistant Production Coordinator is found dead in a storage room. As the crew waits for police to finish their investigation, Ash meets the writer of this film, Brun, who is obsessed about Jack The Ripper. He tells Ash that he thinks that it could have been the ghost of William Gull, one of the many people accused of being The Ripper. Ash decides to follow the director of this Ripper film, and spots a man with a handlebar mustache and top hat running away from a large crowd of people. Ash chases the man down an alley and finds a woman's bloody body. Brun tells Ash that the man matches the description of James Maybrick, another Ripper suspect. As Ash looks around Brun's trailer, he finds pages of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, and Brun reveals that he summoned the souls of everyone who was suspected of being Jack The Ripper and placed them in his body. Brun opens a vortex and sends Ash to London, 1888. Brun tells Ash that Ash himself was the Ripper, and Ash turns into his Deadite form. The Deadite Ash almost kills a woman on the street, but Ash manages to fight the evil within him, and attacks Brun. Brun tells Ash that he has to kill all of the spirits in his body for him to truly die. Ash grabs a knife and cuts Brun's head off, killing all the other souls in his body. Ash awakes to find that he was never in London, but fought the evil Brun in his trailer. Ash leaves the studio lot and heads to a bar, wondering of this simulacrum body has a liver.

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