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Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Dracula is a one-shot comic by Space Goat Publishing. The comic was released on October 19th, 2016. It was the second "Revenge of" comic in Space Goat's Evil Dead 2 series. A teaser image for the comic was included at the end of Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Hitler.


The story begins with the simulacrum Ash meeting a woman at a bar, later taking her to dinner, and trying to have sex with her in an alleyway. This woman ends up knocking Ash out and takes his wallet and the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Lucky for Ash, he took her driver's licence and tracked her down to Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Ash finds the woman in a castle, Necronomicon in her hand, resurrecting Dracula. Realizing that the Book of The Dead ending up in Dracula's hands could cause a serious problem, Ash threatens Dracula with a wooden stake. Dracula doesn't see Ash as a threat, and attacks the woman holding the Necronomicon, turning her into a vampire. As Dracula gets ready to kill Ash, a demon named Hzxyrioth, who had been looking for the Ex-Mortis, suddenly appears in the castle. Ash jumps into action and stabs the demon with the Kandarian Dagger. Dracula helps Ash by pulling out two swords and swiping at the monster, keeping it distracted as Ash reads a spell from the Necronomicon which opened a vortex in space and time. Dracula wonders if Ash sent Hzxyrioth back to Hell, but Ash says he has no clue where the demon went. When Dracula goes for the Necronomicon, Ash stabs him in the heart with the wooden stake he brought along with him, and Dracula turns to dust. As Ash walks out of the castle, his former possible-girlfriend-now-vampire asks him what she should do, and Ash replies that she's stuck in the castle for awhile now that the sun is up, and should find some shelter, meanwhile he's going to go see if they have waffles in Cluj-Napoca.


  • The comic was originally going to be released in July of 2016, but was pushed back to October 19th because Space Goat Publishing wanted to focus on creating the Evil Dead 2 board game.
  • Although he isn't mentioned by name, Ash mentions his grandfather, James Williams.

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