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Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn was a three issue limited series released by Space Goat Productions in 2015. It was the first officially licensed comic series to be based on elements from the Evil Dead II film.


The story begins with a brief recap of Evil Dead 2 from Annie Knowby's perspective, up until she dies by the evil hand of Ash Williams. Shortly after Ash is sucked into a swirling vortex, sending him to 1300 AD, the entire cabin begins to rumble from something underground, and eventually the cabin and all of its contents fall into Hell. Annie wakes up and states that she doesn't feel like she's dead. After fighting a group of demons using the Kandarian Dagger from inside the cabin, she finds that the souls of her mother and father have been swallowed by a demon known as Rabisu. She decides that she is going to free her parents, but she can't do it alone.

She heads back to the cabin and using the pages of Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, her blood, and the evil hand of Ash, she creates a simulacrum copy of Ash. This Ash doesn't remember anything after cutting off his hand, so Annie fills him in the rest of the story. Ash is angry with Annie because she opened the portal that accidentally sucked the real him back in time with the evil and that he doesn't have a soul (which also went with the real Ash back to 1300 AD). She tells him that because he doesn't have a soul, the demons that roam Hell have no need to attack him, and he's perfect to rescue her parents from Rabisu. On their way to save her parents, they find a doorway back to the living world, but the pages of the Necronomicon tells them they need the blood of a virgin, but unfortunately they both lost their virginity. Ash says he will go rescue Annie's parents while Annie will find a virgin to get blood from, and they both head their separate ways.

Annie finds a virgin and takes a sample of his blood, opening the doorway and Ash stabs Rabisu in his stomach full of souls, causing him pop like a balloon. He finds the Knowby family and puts their souls in the Dagger. Ash and Annie return to the world of the living and decide to free the souls trapped in the Dagger. Annie says that there was a price to pay for releasing the souls, and that it was just the beginning of something bigger.

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  • Had it not been canceled before it's publication, this series would have been collected in Space Goat's Evil Dead 2 Omnibus collection.