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Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare is a mobile game produced by Boomdash Digital and released on October 20th, 2016 on iOS, and October 28th for Android devices. The game is a first-person "Endless Runner" loosely based on the on the plot of 2013 Evil Dead remake.

Endless Nightmare was eventually re-released for Virtual Reality headsets as Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare (which was then released for mobile devices as Evil Dead: Extended Nightmare).



Players control a nameless character (though the brief appearance of a blue shirt seen when wielding certain weapons imply it is either David Allen or Ash Williams) as they run through the woods collecting power-ups, weapons, and "Blood Drops". Since there is no proper ending to the game, the primary objective is to get the longest distance possible without dying.


  • Mia Allen is the only character from any of the Evil Dead films to appear in this game. Recycled audio of Jane Levy in the 2013 film is used to make up Mia's dialogue.
  • Three weapons from the original Evil Dead trilogy appear in the game. These include Ash's modified chainsaw (based on it's appearance in Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness), a double-barred shotgun (originally specified as "The Boomstick", though it was later changed to "Shotgun"), and the Kandarian Dagger (based on it's Evil Dead II version, referred to in game as "The Demonic Dagger").
  • The in-game "A-Store" logo is based off the S-Mart logo seen in Army of Darkness.