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Evil Ash was a evil clone of Ash Williams. Originally one the "Mini-Ashes" that taunted the real Ash in the windmill, Evil Ash grew out of the original Ash's body after he attempted to kill the little Ash inside him with boiling water. After splitting from the real Ash's torso, Evil Ash attempted a siege on Castle Kandar with an army of Deadites, but his plan was quickly thwarted by the real Ash and his rag-tag group of peasants and knights.

Evil Ash first appeared in the 1993 film Army of Darkness, where he was portrayed by Bruce Campbell.

Below is a list of alternate versions of Evil Ash from the various video games and comic books based on the Evil Dead franchise.

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Alternate Reality Versions

Evil Ash (Earth-818793)
2004-Present Army of Darkness Comics

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