Eric is a minor character who appeared in Ash vs Evil Dead Season Three. He and his girlfriend Natalie were on their way on the road when they came across Ruby's car.



The Corpse of Eric, chopped up into pieces as a food for the demon baby.

Eric and Natalie were hitchikers walking on the road around Elk Grove when they had the misfortune of running into Ruby. She was carrying the newborn Evil Ash in her womb, struggling to control the car she was driving. The baby bursted out of her body, splattering blood and organs everywhere in the car.

Eric went on to check on the car, but the demon baby attacked him, tearing veins from Eric's throat with his sharp teeth. Though Eric died instantly, his girlfriend survived the encounter, but was taken as a hostage by Ruby.

Later on, Ruby feeds the chopped up remains of Eric to her baby, all the while Natalie was there and had to live and see the horrible sight.


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