Eligos is a "Demon of the Mind" summoned from the Necronomicon. It appears in the Books from Beyond episode of Ash vs Evil Dead.

It is described as a minor demonic entity but displays impressive amounts of power, rendering both Ash and Pablo helpless and even possessing Kelly undetected for a period.


In Other Media


The first appearance of Eligos outside of Ash vs Evil Dead (Army of Darkness: Ash For President).

Eligos makes his comic debut in the Army of Darkness: Ash For President One-Shot in a brief one page cameo.

Behind the Scenes

Eligos was designed by prosthetic designer Roger Murray.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Though a minor demonic entity, it has proven itself to possess powers that causes its victims both physical and mental anguish inducement.

  • Mind Manipulation - As stated above, it is a "Demon of the Mind" allowing it to control and manipulate an individual's mental perception, causing various wiles.
  • Teleportation - It can teleport in short distances confusing the individuals sight. This was demonstrated when Ash was having difficulty aiming at the demon's head.
  • Telekinesis - Capable of controlling objects through the use of its mind. This was portrayed when the demon attacked the book clerk with broken shards of glass shooting towards him.
  • Possession - It has displayed the ability to inhabit the body of mortals without being detected. Kelly was a victim of possession when the demon manifested itself in her body. However, the demon can be detected by paying attention to the uncharacteristic behavior of the possessed host.


  • The way Eligos is summoned and his powers to enter the minds of people is similar to Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls
  • Despite being considered a minor Demon, Eligos easily over-powered Ash and his friends and was able to remain hidden within Kelly for a short while, resulting in the death of Pablo's uncle.



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