Demonic Tree (1)

Don't you see, Ash? They're alive!

The Demonic Tree is a tree that has been possessed by the kandarian Demon. It appears in the first two films and reappears in Home Again, episode nine of season two of Ash vs Evil Dead Season Two.

Demonic Tree (2)

The Demonic Tree uses its many branches and vines to ensnare its victims which it will either brutally rape or devour, victims of the former can end being possessed. Like most objects possessed by the Kandarian, the tree seems to have been made flesh and can bleed. The possessed tree was instrumental in causing some of events at the cabin as it was the brutal attack on Cheryl Williams that resulted in her possession and her attack on Linda caused the latter to become possessed. The trees later mortally wound Scotty, causing him to become a Deadite.

Bobby Joe, one of second group that visits the cabin ends up being attacked in a similar manner to Cheryl but is devoured rather than raped.

One particular Demonic Tree that had attacked Kelly and Ruby, had a single eye which acted as its weak point as after being stabbed in the eye by Ruby, it became dormant and released Kelly and Ruby from its vines.

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The tree can appear normal until it attacks, in which it will then take on a demonic form, possessing a face, eyes and a mouth. In Evil Dead: Hail to the King It has more of a nightmarish Demonic appearance than in the films.

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