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The Deathcoaster, in Army Of Darkness.

Army of Darkness

Deathcoaster was used in Army of Darkness, in the final battle. It was made up of Ash's Oldsmobile, wood to cover him from being hit by arrows, a massive rotating blade on the hood, a wooden rail for the knights to hold onto as the Deadites jumped onto it. Ash jumped off of it during the battle to avoid hitting Sheila, Deathcoaster then hit explosives and flipped over.

Ash vs. Evil Dead


The improved Deathcoaster in Ash vs. Evil Dead.

The Deathcoaster makes a surprise appearance in the final episode of the show, The Mettle of Man. It is somehow ended up in the future, in the care of Lexx. She give the car a nice upgrade and made it even more deadly. When Ash wakes up from his slumber she gives him the keys of the vehicle and the two of them use it to ride out into the apocalyiptic ruined city.