Deadites Online is "the premiere" Evil Dead Website. Its name comes from the demonically possessed creatures in the Evil Dead series: deadites.

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General Information

Deadites Online contains information on all the Evil Dead movies, the games, and the original short: Within the Woods. It dubs itself: "The Fan's Official Source For Evil Dead." There is an archive for intrviews, biographies, and posters. It contains links to buy Evil Dead merchandise from There is a free forum and links to other Evil Dead websites. On the main page, recent news concerning Evil Dead is displayed. It is "a production of Kain Productions." On its main page, recent news is displayed related to Evil Dead, which is updated rather frequently.


Deadites Online was founded in 1997 by Kain Vuong. It was originally called Ash's Evil Dead Page. The fan site eventually evolved to a bigger site when it interviewed Evil Dead's effects artist: Tom Sullivan. Through this, many fans were attracted and an online community was formed. The name was then changed to the present: Deadites Online. It was mentioned in the Evil Dead: Book of the Dead Edition DVD. Some consider it the main, official Evil Dead website.

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