Danger Girl And The Army of Darkness is a six-issue crossover between Dynamite's Army of Darkness series and IDW Publishing's Danger Girl series. The first issue was released in April of 2011 and the last issue in December of 2011.


The story begins with Abby Chase rescuing archaeologist Theodore Kage, who had been studying a copy of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, but the book was taken from him. Theodore shows Abby he had ripped a page of spells out from the book before it was taken, and they can use it to find the book itself. Kage is killed during their escape, but Abby gets away only to find the blood-inked page now has rearranged the text into an image, an image of Ash Williams. After returning to the present from 1300 AD, Ash has been having a problem, he sees Deadites everywhere. His (now) ex-girlfriend, the mailman, even Girl Scouts appear to be the soul hungry monsters, but they are not really Deadites. After beating up a crowd of normal people on the street, Ash is arrested. The Danger Girl Team discovers that the recently locked up "John Doe" is the man on the Necronomicon page, so they send agent Sydney Savage to break him out. After escaping jail, Ash and Abby go to a graveyard to resurrect Theodore Kage as a Deadite, but end up resurrecting every dead body in the cemetery. After dismembering every Deadite except Kage, he receives a vision on where to find the Necronomicon. The team discovers that the book is being used to resurrect Hammer Troops to make an unstoppable 'Army of Darkness". After the Hammer Deadite Army is created, the Danger Girl Team and Ash begin to shoot and dismember as many Deadites as they can. As the team tries to escape, one of The Dark Ones is summoned, but it is defeated when Abby destroys the Necronomicon.

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  • This story takes place in IDW's Danger Girl Universe instead of Dynamite's main Army of Darkness continuity (Earth-818793). Some of the clues that it is a separate continuity include:
    • Ash gets headaches when the Necronomicon is used, which is something that doesn't happen to the Film/TV Ash or Earth-818793 Ash.
    • The Moon turns blood red when the Necronomicon is used.
    • Ash doesn't mention any of his other adventures after returning from 1300 AD.
  • Takes place sometime between the Danger Girl stories Body Shots and Revolver.
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