Dagen was a demon held captive in a pit outside the Sumerian city of Ahksa.

He first appeared in Evil Dead 2: Tales of The Ex-Mortis # 2.


Summoned To Ahksa

Dagen was summoned to the world of the living by a sorcerer who resided in the city of Ahksa, courtesy of the Necronomicon. Dagen promised constant prosperous crops and livestock for the farmers who resided in the city, but in exchange, he demanded living human sacrifices for him to consume. The sorcerer and the residents of Akhsa agreed to these terms, and "The Lottery" was created.

"The Lottery" was an annual contest held by the city of Ahksa to see who would be the sacrifice to Dagen, with the names of all the residents of the city written on small stone tiles and selected at random. This "Lottery" continued for centuries, with both parties holding up their end of the bargain.

4000 BC

By 4000 BC, Dagen had grown tired of the sacrifices willingly throwing themselves at him, and longed for someone to challenge and give him the release of death. Without anyone to relay this message back to the residents of the city of Ahksa, Dagen showed his displeasure by causing a drought across the fields. Ishme Ahr, the most recent of The Lottery's chosen, accepted Dagen's challenge, and the two proceeded to dual within Dagen's human bone-laced sacrificial pit. Ishme managed to climb on top of Dagen, thrusting a disregarded sword into Dagen's skull. With his dying breath, Dagen thanked Ishme for killing him, and as a final reward, brought the rains back to the land.

Powers & Abilities

  • Weather Manipulation: Dagen seemed to have some level of control over the weather of his close surroundings, however, the full extent of this power is unknown.


  • For many years, a common internet rumor was that the Kandarian Demon's true name was Dagen, but this claim was never backed up by any official source. It is very likely that the name "Dagen" appearing in Tales of The Ex-Mortis is a direct homage to the rumored name.
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