The Cult of The Chosen One was, as the name implied, a cult that worshipped Ash Williams. They first appeared in Ash and the Army of Darkness #2.




All members of the cult had Chainsaws branded into their forehead (AatAoD #6).

Not much is known about the cult, except it was formed shortly after Ash's first departure from 1300 AD. Apparently Ash had left his Chainsaw behind in England, and the cult made it their duty to make sure the saw was preserved incase the Chosen One returned. The cult also cut off their own right hands and branded a Chainsaw emblem into their foreheads to show their dedication to Ash.

Rescuing The Chosen One

When Ash was captured by the Deadite Wise Man, Sheila sought out the cult to help her break Ash out of the Wise Man's castle. The cult agreed to help and they set off to save Ash. When they finally arrived, the cult fought their way through the Wise Man's undead army, losing a few members along the way. Unbeknownst to Ash and Sheila, the remaining cult members were turned into Deadites. Several days later, Ash stumbled across the cult again, this time the Deadite cult was now serving the recently Deadite-ified Sheila, and informed her that Ash was heading to a place known as "The Grove".

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