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Crosby is the leader of the militia men whom Ash meets for weapons and supplies. He and his paranoid gang are self defenced by their own weapons and have their own bunker in case of an upcoming war. He is played by Mark Mitchinson.


Crosby meets with Ash's gang when Lem turns into a deadite after their encounter at a diner. Ash asks for Crosby's help and for some weapons and ammunition. Crosby and his people are suspicious of Ash and they refuse to aid him. Instead, they lock him and Amanda in their bunker and leave Pablo and Kelly hostage until they decide what to do with them. Deadite Lem attacks his former friends, killing a few of them. The attack gives enough time to Pablo and Kelly to escape Crosby's grasps.

When Ash and Amanda deal with the zombified Lem, they turn their fortune around and capture Crosby and what's left of his followers. They pack a bunch of weapons, but they are suddenly attacked by one of the deceased militia guy. Ash and his posse dispatch the monster right in front of Crosby's eyes, making him finally understand what's going on.

After released, Ash lets Crosby go and tells him that they should prepare for what's coming ahead. The two gang part ways with Crosby now believing that the evil has been released into the world.


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  • He is the only credited secondary character in the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead to have survived an encounter againts the evil dead. Along with Ash, Pablo, Kelly, Ruby and Bar Woman he is also one of the few named characters who have made it through the first season alive.