Army of Darkness: Convention Invasion is a one-shot comic released by Dynamite Entertainment in 2014.


The story begins with Ash Williams on a normal day at work in S-Mart, until three people arrive to seek Ash's help. They tell them that while at a comic convention, they spotted a copy of The Necronomicon, and they realized the potential threat that the book could cause, and immediately left to find Ash because comic books about his battles against the Army of Darkness made him out to be an epic hero. After some persuasion from the girl of the group (and a fight with a Deadite in the parking lot), Ash decides to help the group. They head to where the group first saw the Necronomicon, in the hands of someone dressed like a wizard or sorcerer standing by a lake surrounded by skeletons, but as they tell the story, Ash is grabbed by the skeletons and dragged underwater into a hideout in the sewers. There Ash finds that Bad Ash (from the Army of Darknessfilm) is behind all this. Bad Ash tells him he is using the two Necronomicons that Ash left in the graveyard in 1300 AD, but they don't have the same power as the original. Ash tells Bad Ash that the pipes in the sewers have methane gas in them, so he takes his chainsaw and cuts open the pipes, takes a torch hanging on the wall, runs out and throws the torch at the pipe, causing everything in the room to go up in flames. Ash swims back to the surface, where he is confronted by a giant skeletal fish, but defeats if with three magic words that were given to him by the three people that needed his help earlier. As they walk away victorious, Ash says that in the end, the evil will always know who the real boss is.


  • Takes place outside of Dynamite's main Army of Darkness comic continuity.
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