What, you never saw a guy with a chainsaw hand before?

Ash's Chainsaw is the main weapon of the protagonist Ash Williams, first being used to almost dismember Ash's possessed girlfriend Linda (The Evil Dead), then being used for lopping off Ash's possessed hand and replacing the hand with the chainsaw itself (Evil Dead II), then at last being used to protect Ash from various demons and deadites in Army of Darkness.

The chainsaw is perhaps the most familiar feature in Ash's arsenal, aside from his "Boomstick" (sawed-off shotgun), and Ash himself. It is also the main weapon in the later two films, the comics, and even the loosely-based video games. The chainsaw also has a unique (in the film anyway) trait to never run out of fuel, just as the boomstick never runs out of shotgun ammo.

Fictional Biography In The Films

The chainsaw is just a regular, Red, Homelite XL, but is used for almost outrageous acts and purposes. One such act, and possibly the most memorable, is when Ash replaces his hand (which he previously removed with it)with the chainsaw creating the classic vision of Ash.

The Evil Dead (1981)


The Homelite XL-12 Chainsaw, as seen in The Evil Dead (1981).

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In The Evil Dead, the chainsaw is almost never even seen until Ash tries to dismember his possessed girlfriend, but is unable to as he is too stricken with grief to do it. It is never seen again until the next film.

Evil Dead II (1987)

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The chainsaw has a much larger role in this film. When Ash recovers from being possessed the first time, he seeks refuge in the cabin, until Linda's severed head bites his hand, forcing Ash to retreat to the work shed, hoping that the chainsaw is still there. When he traps the head, Ash looks to where he last put the chainsaw. After seeing that it is not there, Ash is surprised to see Linda's headless corpse run in with the chainsaw raised for the kill. However, Ash manages to beat down the body, recover the chainsaw, and proceeds to sever Linda's head in half. Later on, Ash is forced to use it again when his right hand becomes possessed. Its final use is being attached to Ash's arm, and he also uses it to kill Henrietta, and stop the Evil's physically manifested form from consuming him.

Army of Darkness (1992)


Ash catches his Chainsaw in mid-air (Army of Darkness).

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In this film, the chainsaw is used sparingly. Ash first uses it to sever a deadite's head when it charges at him. Almost immediately afterward, another deadite attacks him, forcing Ash to cut off the deadite's hand, which causes the hand to fly up and hit a peasant in the face. Afterwards, Ash is driven into an abandoned windmill by the Kandarian demon and a series of events results in the emergence of Evil Ash. When Ash kills his evil twin, he uses his chainsaw to dismember the body which is also the last time it is used in the movie, the chainsaw is not seen again until the tv series.

Evil Dead (2013)

Mia uses the chainsaw to kill the Abomination that rises from the underworld, while saying (a one-liner based on Ash's "Swallow This" from Evil Dead II) "Feast on this Motherfucker!".The chainsaw's design is a replica of the one used in The Evil Dead by Ash (rather than the one used in Evil Dead II).

Ash Vs Evil Dead (2015-2018)


Thirty years later, Ash can still catch the Chainsaw in mid-air (Ash vs Evil Dead: El Jefe).

As the Deadite invasion occurs once more, it has revealed his skills with the Boomstick. Ash decided to take his chainsaw for the battle ahead, but unexpectedly halted by a Deadite whom pushed him aside. The Deadite incapacitated Pablo and goes for Kelly, but Pablo managed to attach the chainsaw onto Ash via kick. Soon after attaching it to his hand, Ash taunts the Deadite, and successfully decapitates it. He then took it along for the battles that awaits for him.


The chainsaw, destroyed by Ruby.

The trusty chainsaw was with Ash all along during his journeys as he used it many times. Though in the end it was destroyed by Ruby, who easily dismantled the saw into an unusable condition. Ash saddened by his destroyed companion swore that Ruby'll pay for what she has done.

In Other Media



Ash defends S-Mart with The Sapmaster 3000 (Army of Darkness: Shop 'Till You Drop Dead).


Jason destroys the Chainsaw (FvJvA #3)

Chain Lighting

Ash and Chain Lightning (FvJvA #4)

The chainsaw has the same use as it did in the films.

The Sapmaster 3000

First Appearance: Shop 'Till You Drop Dead #2

Last Appearance: Shop 'Till You Drop Dead #4

When Deadites over-run his S-Mart store, Ash unfortunately doesn't have his Homelite XL saw, so he grabs the "Holy Grail" of Chainsaws, The Sapmaster 3000. This Chainsaw has a titanium casting, diamond tipped chain, and a electric trigger. Unlike his Homelite XL saw, Ash can't attach it to his right wrist because of the large handle.

Chain Lightning

First Appearance: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash #2

Last Appearance: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors #6

Jason Voorhees destroyed Ash's classic red chainsaw during Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash, so Ash upgrades to "Chain Lightning", a silver chainsaw that can (supposedly) cut through steel. Ash kept Chain Lightning until sometime before the events of Montezuma's Revenge.

Video Games

THQ's Evil Dead Series

The Chainsaw is Ash's main weapon in all three of THQ's Evil Dead video games from the early 2000's: Hail To The King, A Fistful of Boomstick, and Regeneration.

Army of Darkness Defense

The Chainsaw can be purchased for Ash in the mobile game Army of Darkness Defense. Once it is purchased, Ash cannot change back to his Metal Gauntlet.

Evil Dead: The Game (2013)

The iOS exclusive Evil Dead game features the Chainsaw as one of the many weapons Ash can use to fight Deadites in the cabin and the woods.

Characteristics and Abilities

The chainsaw is just an ordinary chainsaw, with a chained blade, pull-cord, and handle. However it has a small, circular hole in the bottom, made specifically for Ash's arm stump. Also, the chainsaw has the rather uncommon ability to cut through bone and flesh with ease and has a seemingly endless supply of fuel. In the Ash vs Evil Dead episode The Dark One, the Chainsaw runs out of gas for the first time onscreen. You might even consider classifying Ash's weapon as a soul eater due to the amount of demon kills logged by his custom gore motor.

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