Castle Kandar as seen in Army of Darkness.

Castle Kandar (sometimes spelled Ca'n Dar) was a castle located somewhere in the United Kingdom, and ruled by Lord Arthur in 1300 AD.

In The Films

The Evil Dead (1981)

Castle Kandar is first mentioned by Professor Knowby on the tape recorder that awakes the Deadites in the woods surrounding The Cabin.

Evil Dead II (1987)


Ash stands in front of Castle Kandar in Evil Dead II.

Evil Dead II marks the first physical appearance of the Castle, during a flashback scene where Professor Knowby, Henrietta Knowby, Annie Knowby, and Ed discover The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis in the castle ruins. Later in the film when Ash Williams is sent back to the year 1300 AD, he finds himself in front of Castle Kandar back when it was occupied. Ash then finds that he is surrounded by knights, the occupants of Castle Kandar, and soon they begin worshiping him as The Hero From The Sky.

Army of Darkness (1992)

The castle once again appears in this film, picking up where Evil Dead II left off, but the castle has changed in appearance from being square in shape and overlooking a cliff to a more stereotypical castle surrounded by a moat.

Known locations/rooms inside the castle are:

The Pit

The Blacksmith's Workshop

Ash and The Blacksmith construct the Metal Gauntlet and create The Deathcoaster here.

Arthur's Main Chamber

The Wise Man informs Ash he must journey to a graveyard to retrieve The Necronomicon and the Deadite Woman attacks here.

The Necronomicon's Room

The Book of The Dead is locked behind an iron gate to keep it out of the hands of the Deadites when they invade the castle. This is also where Professor Knowby will find it in the mid-1980's

The final battle between the Deadites and the combined armies of Lord Arthur and Henry The Red is fought in the courtyard of the castle.

In Other Media

Army of Darkness Comics

Dark Horse Comics


Castle Kandar in Army of Darkness #1 (1992).

Castle Kandar's first appearance outside of the Evil Dead films was in the 1992 comic adaptation of Army of Darkness by Dark Horse Comics.

Dynamite Comics

The castle makes frequent appearances in Dynamite's Army of Darkness series in both flashbacks and main stories.

Evil Dead 2 Comics


The ruins of Castle Kandar in Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn #1.

The ruins of Castle Kandar briefly appear in Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn #1.

Video Games

The castle is the main setting of the video game Army of Darkness Defense. Various upgrades can be bought for the castle, such as Archers in towers, catapults, and The Pit.

Behind The Scenes

Evil Dead II (1987)

The castle seen at the end of Evil Dead II is a large model set up on top of a quarry in Wadesboro, North Carolina.

Army of Darkness (1992)

Only certain walls of a full sized castle were built about 50 miles from Los Angeles, California on a private ranch. The castle remained on the ranch for about a year after the filming of Army of Darkness, and some television commercials and music videos were filmed before it was destroyed.

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