John Carson is a minor character, who appeared in the premiere episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead. He's a police detective and the partner of Amanda Fisher.


He and Amanda investigate a distress call from an abandoned house somewhere close to Mossy Haven Trailer Park. They look around inside and soon find Lucy in there. The girl looks petrified and is in a shock, so the detectives keep their distance from her and try to apprehend her. Lucy quickly reveals that she is a deadite and attacks the duo, ending the life of Carson during the encounter. The poor detective gets impaled to a stuffed moose's antlers. Seconds later, he returns, but as a deadite this time teasing and taunting his still living partner. Amanda is forced to kill Carson, blowing his head off. The death of her partner and this whole event becomes the main reason for Amanda's off duty investigation and search for Ash.



  • He is the first human character who dies by a deadite's hands.
  • Later in the show, Amanda has an eerily similar death. She dies, getting impaled to a Moose's antlers.
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