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Brandy Barr is the long lost daughter of Ash Williams. She first appeared in Ash vs Evil Dead Season Three as a main character. She is portrayed by Arielle Carver-O’Neill.



In this episode, Brandy is introduced cleaning a locker of graffiti she herself created, along with her friend Rachel Manning. After being cockily greeted by an ongoing peer, they continue, until minutes later, that same peer stood staring, clothed in the school mascot suit, down the hall at the two girls. Brandy's mother receives a distress call from her daughter, bringing Ash and Pablo with her. Brandy's friend is turned into a Deadite and attacks the group, which led to the eventual decapitation of Candace Barr via cymbal. This ends the episode as Ash gives a brief explanation in the hallway of the school.

Booth Three

By the start of this episode, Brandy is living with Ash in his house, staying in Cheryl's old room. Needing someone to talk to when Ash is off doing other things, Brandy goes to her principal, unaware of her true identity: Ruby Knowby.

Apparently Dead

At the start of this episode, Brandy attends her mother's funeral and she has a conversation with Ash about him not having to be apart of her life if he doesn't want to be. Soon after the funeral starts, she looks for Ash and is unable to find him as she finishes reading a Eulogy, and she is again comforted by Ruby. She is unaware that Ash is trapped in the casket. She soon learns this and the funeral is called off, but Ash confronts her principle about being Ruby, which Brandy does not believe, and she tells him this is the woman she was talking about staying with and leaves, angry.

Unfinished Business

Kelly was tasked by Ash to keep an eye on Brandy. She and Kelly are later attacked by a Deadite Pablo soon Brandy stabs Pablo with the Kandarian Dagger.

Baby Proof

Brandy is asked by Kelly to go find Ash when Pablo awakens. Ash has just finished kidnapping Ruby's evil baby to prove to Brandy that he does care about his children, but he is then almost arrested by the police, but she and her father soon escape in his car.

Tales From The Rift

Brandy does not appear a lot in this episode, but she is seen having breakfast with Ash and later talking about plans with Ash and Kelly.

Twist and Shout

She is first seen getting prepared for her Prom in her gold shiny Dress which she shows to Ash much to his surprise he tells her it's not time to be playing all Dressy, Dressy when there are demons roaming around much to her annoyance she goes upstairs and waits for him in the car she later goes to the prom with Ash and the possessed Kelly ash later tells her to go around front while he will take the back way because of the cops lawsuit against him she lsoon runs into her principal who wants to talk to her alone in her office she is then convinced that ash is a demon which she doesn't believe so stumbles off she then gets chased outside by Ruby's (full fledged demon adult son who happens to look excacly like ash) son to the main Dance party where he starts killing everybody soon her principal is able to convince her that ash is really evil which she believes then her principal hands her the Kandarian dagger soon the real ash arrives while ashes look alike Ruby's demon son hides for the time being her principal then tries to make ash look bad in front of her by forcing ash to kill her by holding his chainsaw to impale Ruby's guts out Brandy now emotionally stressed and not being able to believe Ashes words she is get ready to stab him with the Kandarian dagger but it cause her to remember all the good moments they had together before she could she then drops the Kandarian dagger Ash then shoots his look alike Ruby's demon son as he is trying to have a moment wih his daughter Ruby's plain soon fails so she rises with the Kandarian dagger in her hand as Brandy soon realizes ash was right making those her last words before she dies Ruby then throws the Kandarian dagger at Ash, Brandy then jumps in the way as she falls into Ashes arm's as he breaks out in tears Brandy meanwhile wakes up in Deadlands, and runs away from surrounding threats screaming.

Riffing Apart

In this episode she is first mentioned by her Dad when he says ''first I lose my baby girl now your telling me kelly is possessed by some demon'' to Pablo then her body is then seen get read to be taken to the morgue to be amputated. So Pablo and Ash advice a plan to steal her body which they do and are successful at but unsure which body is hers and not wanting to check they grab 2 just in case she is then seen in the Deadlands where she tries to save his girl who is being sucked through his all black portal by these Dark Ones she then runs into Dalton then eventually Kelly shows they all then hide in this coffee shop in the Dark world when ash soon pops up and him and brandy share a meaningful hug unbeknownst to them is that ash wanted Pablo to kill him in order to rescue Kelly and Brandy they all soon wonder how he got there but he eventually tells them but as the Dark Ones start to persue Dalton, Kelly, Brandy and Ash. Ash advices a plan to get all of them out of there they soon run out of the coffee shop and hide behinds ashes car in the Deadlands. Brandy, Kelly and Ash hide in the car as brandy watches as Dalton creates a diversions after he gives Kelly a kiss on the lips goodbye Brandy and the others soon get sucked down by the Dark Ones but ash soon pulls them out with he help from his car after I took some time soon Ash then drives brandy and kelly to the hardware store. Arriving at the basement cellar, then wait for Pablo to create a portal Brandy is soon sucked through where she wakes up in a body bag Ash asking Pablo ''wheres my daughter!'' Pablo responds with saying ''Pepe when we grab the bags did you ever actually check to see which one Brandy was in'' ash then responds with ''Oh shit'' they soon run upstairs outside to the ambulance and check the body bag as Ash has a emotional moment with brandy as she starts to break out in tears as ash holds her hand then Ash, Brandy and Pablo soon discuss that their job isn't done yet as they still have to rescue Kelly and put an end to Ruby for good.

Judgement Day

She is first seen walking through the door after throwing up from being brought back from the dead she then discuss with Ash and Pablo about all there death's due to ruby and advices a plan she's then left at ash house with his broomstick until she then is chased by the paranormal wind seen in the first evil dead all the way to the shed where she gets a call from her mom then her deadite phone bites her thumb off where she gets a voice mail on her phone from her dead mom she then screams for help she then appears in another scene where her right hand starts becoming possessed so she haves to chop off her han like ash in the first film she then fights this deadite unknown species shaped like a spider after she defeated it she is soon found by Pablo they then get in a car and drive until they seen are given a message by ash through the necronamicon they then drive to ashes warehouse store where they run into ash and the dark ones who get the necronamicon brandy tries to stop him From fighting them then they dissappear then summon this big monster while brandy watches in horror with the others as the episode ends

The Mettle of Man

She first appears as she watches in horror with Ash and Pablo, and she soon follows them back to Ash's house where they resurrect Kelly. After Brandy sees Kelly wake up, she and her father sit and Ash admits that he is frightened of what he's going to face.He admits he doesn't want to fight it, and drinks. Brandy then talks to him, going over who he is and the things that he's done to motivate him. Ash grabs another beer, and Brandy asks if she can have one too, but Ash tells her no because she's underage and she shouldn't be like him and start drinking before she's over 18. Ash, Pablo and Brandy then show Kelly the monster outside as they start to form a plan. They split up into 2 groups, Ash and Brandy as one and Pablo and Kelly as the other.

The military begin fighting the big monster, and Ash and Brandy share another emotional conversation, before Ash gives Brandy something he wants her to have: the necklace that had once belonged to Linda, telling her it had always kept him from harm and gave him the courage he needed to fight Deadites. Brandy doesn't know, however, that Linda received this necklace prior to the first encounter Ash ever had with a Deadite in the cabin.

The pair soon run into a couple of Deadites who chase Ash and Brandy until they are able to take a shortcut through the pipes, reuniting with Kelly and Pablo, and joining several others with them. Ash soon gets into a fight with a police officer, and as Brandy tries her best to intervene, she watches as the police officer tries to lure the Deadites towards Ash, but is soon killed.

Brandy and the others are soon able to join up with the military and get into the back of a vehicle. Ash shuts the door behind them, not joining them inside. He tells Brandy he's choosing to stay, and that he knows he hasn't been the best of fathers, but it's time he did what he had to do as the Chosen One. He tells Pablo to take care of her and Kelly, and that he's El Jefe now, before saying goodbye and watching his daughter and friends drive off.


Unlike Ash's companions, Brandy isn't desensitised to the horrors that come from the Necronomicon, as she reacted with shock and horror to the escalating situation she was forced in, eventually Brandy was able to adjust and handle herself against the evil. Brandy also shares some traits with her father despite her initial dislike of him.


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  • Her name, Brandy, is a reference to Brady Barr, the first known herpetologist to have captured all 23 extant species of crocodilians in his career.
  • Originally Kelly was supposed to be Ash's daughter in the scrapped script for the season 2 finale.
  • Brandy is the current owner of Linda's Necklace.