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Bobby Joe's death

Bobby Joe was the girlfriend of Jake. She and Jake offered to take Annie Knowby and Ed Getley to the Cabin.


At The Bridge

Bobby Joe and Jake found that the only bridge that leads to the Cabin was destroyed by some unknown force. Soon after they had come across the destroyed bridge, Annie Knowby and Ed Getley needed to get across to get to the Cabin, so Bobby Joe and Jake offered to take them around the long way.

At The Cabin

When they finally arrived to the Cabin, Bobby Joe was grazed by a shot from a paranoid Ash Williams. Jake attacked Ash for shooting Bobby Joe, and threw him into the fruit cellar.


Later that night, after Ed Getley became a Deadite, Bobby Joe was frightened when Ash's severed hand grab her own hand. She flees off into the woods where she is grabbed by tree branches and vines. She dies when she is dragged off into the woods by the branches and is slammed into a large tree. Later, Jake will force Ash and Annie to go out into the woods to look for her, but Ash tells him that if she's gone out into those woods, he can forget about her.


  • Bobby Joe is the first person to die in this film presumed not to be a Deadite.