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I'm taking your filthy soul to Hell!
~ Beth Marie Knowby (as a Deadite)

Beth Marie Knowby was the wife of Raymond Knowby and the first person to be attacked by the Kandarian Demon her husband unleashed. She only made one appearance: in issue one of Dark Horse's 2008 "re-imagining" of The Evil Dead.


Before The Evil Dead (2008)

Beth Marie, before she turned into a Deadite

Beth Marie Knowby accompanied her husband to a secluded cabin that he had rented in the Tennessee woods. It was at this cabin that he planned on studying and translating Nacheron De'Manto, roughly translated as Book of The Dead. However, unknown to Raymond, he had unleashed a Kandarian Demon, which attacked his wife, causing her to become a Deadite. While under the demon's influence, she stabbed her husband in the stomach with a kitchen knife. Raymond was not seriously wounded from the attack, and managed to subdue his wife by tackling her to the ground. He killed the Deadite-Beth Marie by gouging her eyes out.


  • Beth Marie Knowby was created specifically for Dark Horse's The Evil Dead mini-series in 2008. She takes the place of Henrietta Knowby as Raymond's wife and the first person to be attacked by the Kandarian Demon off-screen.