This article is about the character. For the nickname, see Ash Williams. For the episode, see Ashy Slashy.

Ashy Slashy is a possessed puppet created by Baal and used to convince Ash that he had a mental breakdown following the events of The Evil Dead.


Ashy Slashy is introduced when Baal attempts to bend Ash to his will. Ash humorously makes a deal with him by saying he will give the puppet a Little Lori doll.

After Ash believes he has killed Kelly and an orderly, he "accepts" that he mentally ill and Baal tells him to kill the book, which Pablo had currently personified.

Ashy Slashy is left in the cell until he is discovered by Kelly, he attaches himself to her hand and after rudely flirting with her, he attacks her and the puppet's face shifts into a monstrous visage. A humorous battle follows where Kelly's face is forced into a urine-filled bed-pan. Kelly eventually manages to fight off the puppet and destroys it by blowing its head off.


The Puppet was sentient and capable of speaking, he possesses many of Ash's undesirable traits such as his obnoxiousness and other rude behavior. Despite being a form of Deadite and merely a puppet version of Evil Ash, Ashy Slashy got along with his normal counterpart and was only hostile to Kelly.


Ashy Slashy's head being blown off by Kelly's gun.


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