Ashley K. Williams is a female version of Ash Williams from another universe. She first appeared in Army of Darkness Comics Volume 3 #1.


Encountering The Orb

Ashley K. Williams was an average Smart Stop employee until one day when she and her boyfriend Brad discovered a mysterious orb that fell from the sky. When Brad touched the glowing orb, it turned him into some sort of monster. The evil Brad attacked Ashley, and bit her left hand, infecting it with the evil that now influenced him. Instead of letting the evil take control of her like it did Brad, she decided she was going to fight it and use it to battle against the evil creatures that created the orb: The Dark Ones. Now having the ability to turn her left hand into any weapon, she went on numerous adventures across time and space.

Meeting Ashley J. Williams

After hopping across the multiverse and battling the forces of evil, Ashley eventually found herself on Earth-818793. After chasing the Chosen One of Earth-818793 across the world to see if he could help her control her powers, they finally met in Brazil while being chased by Deadite Nazis.

Going To Hell

While being chased by the Nazis, Ashley K. is sent to Hell and meets another version of the Chosen One she just met, who is apparently the guardian of the gateway between Hell and Earth. Shortly after Ashley K.'s arrival, demons of all shapes and sizes come after the Guardian of the gateway, but before he can attack, Ashley K. kills him, revealing that when The Dark Ones gave her the shapeshifting ability, they also slowly taking over her body, replacing the good with evil. When the Ash of Earth-818793 found himself in Hell, he confronted the evil Ashley K. Williams, and had no choice but to kill her. However, in her final moments, the influence of The Dark Ones on her was released, and she died fully human again.

Powers & Abilities

  • Shapeshifting: This power was limited to her left hand only. By saying "Klaatu, Barada, Nicto" out loud, she could her left hand into any weapon she desired: from a battle axe to a fully functioning Chainsaw. When she wasn't using the hand as a weapon, it turned into a disfigured stump (she could turn it back into a normal looking left hand, although it required the magic phrase to do so).
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