Ash and the Army of Darkness Annual is a one-shot comic published by Dynamite Entertainment in 2014.


The story begins with Ash breaking up a ritual where three Deadite witches need the soul of a young woman, but before Ash can attack the witches, they each open up a portal, sending them across time and space. Ash quickly leaves to find a sorcerer who can send him after the witches, but only finds the apprentice who gives him an elixir that teleports him to the location of the first witch: Ancient Egypt. Ash finds the witch once again trying to make a sacrifice, but quickly disposes of her and her Deadite minions. Once she is killed, Ash teleports to the next witch, who is a captain of a Deadite infested pirate ship in the Pacific Ocean. Ash and a ship full of women who want to become Nuns attack the ship and kill the witch. The third and final witch is located in Arizona during the late 18th century and has been kidnapping women from a nearby town. Ash finds the witch in a saloon guarded by Deadite cowboys who are fast with revolvers, but not as fast as Ash with a shotgun. After destroying the witch, Ash returns to 1300 AD where he is greeted by the sorcerer who created the elixir that sent him through time, and tells him that his heroics will be the talk of legend. Ash tells her that "talk is cheap" and goes in for a kiss.

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