Ashley J. Williams

Ash Williams had what many what would consider an average life, a good job at S-Mart in the Housewares department, and a wonderful girlfriend. However, Ash's life would forever change in 1982, when he and and a group of friends spent the night in a cabin in the woods. In this cabin, he discovered the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and accidentally unleashed a Kandarian Demon. The demon turned all of Ash's friends into soul-hungry zombie-like creatures called Deadites, leaving Ash alone to fight for his life. Over the course of two nights, Ash killed his undead friends, chop his own hand off, and protected four strangers from the Kandarian Demon roaming the woods. At the end of the second night, Ash was sent back in time to England circa 1300 AD, where he fought his evil clone. After returning to the 20th Century, Ash went into hiding, afraid of losing more friends (and his life) to the shapeless agent of evil. 30 years after the events at the cabin, Ash was finally found by the demon he had spent so many years avoiding after accidentally reading from the Necronomicon again. Now with two "apprentices" at his side, Ash continues his mission to stop the "Evil Dead" across the United States, from Elk Grove, Michigan to Jacksonville, Florida.

Since his first appearance in the 1981 low-budget horror film The Evil Dead, Ash has become one of the most iconic characters in the horror film genre. In all the Evil Dead films and video games (minus Poker Night 2), Ash has been played by B-movie actor Bruce Campbell.

Below is a list of alternate versions of Ash from the various video games and comic books based on the Evil Dead franchise. Most of these Ashes have a similar backstory, with most of the changes happening during his second night at the cabin or after his return from 1300 AD.

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