This is about the Ash featured in Dark Horse's The Evil Dead comic from 2008. You might be looking for the Ash featured in the 1981 film The Evil Dead.

Whatever the hell had crawled inside them...Kandarian Demon-scum or just a bad case of cat scratch fever...I was gonna have to play dirty or die.
— Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams was a supermarket employee who took a weekend trip to a Cabin with his friends. The trip took an unexpected turn when a Kandarian Demon attacked Ash's friends, leaving him to fight off the monsters until sunrise.


"The Cabin"

Ash's friend Scotty had rented a cabin from a company. Scotty informed Ash that according to local legends, the last guy to rent the same cabin had gone crazy and killed his wife. Ash, Linda, Shelly, and Cheryl simply disregarded the story and thought nothing of it until later when he and Scotty discovered a book and dagger in the cellar of the cabin. Over the course of the night, a Kandarian Demon had been unleashed and possessed Ash's friends one-by-one until Ash was the only human not possessed.

As it turned out, the events at the cabin was only a dream. Ash was woken up by Linda when the group really arrived to the cabin.


  • The main difference between this Ash and the Ash seen in The Evil Dead (1981), is Cheryl is not his sister, but just a friend tagging along.
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