This is about the "real" Ash Williams that is featured in Space Goat's Evil Dead 2 comic books. You might be looking for his simulacrum copy created from his hand.

I've got that losers hand, no way i'm filling his boots as an S-Mart stockboy.
— Simulacrum Ash on his "real" counterpart.

Ash Williams was an S-Mart employee and the lone survivor of an onslaught of Deadites when a relaxing weekend vacation went wrong. His first appearance is in a flashback in Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn #1.


Early Life

While in elementary school, Ash was in music class singing Sarasponda with his class. When the teacher, Miss Marshall, told the class to stop singing, Ash continued to sing. Miss Marshall proceeded to yell at Ash, telling him if he wanted to sing, he should sing in front of the class. She then forced Ash to sing in front of the class by himself, which embarrassed Ash enough to the point where he started to cry.

The Cabin

This Ash's trip to the cabin is mostly the same as his film counterpart's: his friends become deadites, hand becomes possessed, Annie Knowby arrives, and eventually he's sucked back in time.


His ultimate fate is unknown to Annie Knowby and his simulacrum copy, who both believe that he died at whatever place he ended up with the evil, although it is safe to assume he eventually did return to the future like his film counterpart.


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