This Ash Williams was an inhabitant of the Danger Girl Universe. He first appeared in Danger Girl And The Army of Darkness #1.


Events At The Cabin & 1300 AD

This Ash had a similar experience at the Knowby Cabin like his film and Earth-818793 counterpart. The main difference between this Ash and the others is that this Ash did not battle the Deadites again for quite sometime after returning from 1300 AD.

Meeting The Danger Girl Team

When Abby Chase used a page from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, Ash began to see Deadites everywhere. Moments later, Ash would realize that it was just an illusion, and he had fought his girlfriend, Girl Scouts, and random people. Ash was arrested, but was released by Sydney Savage and was enlisted by the Danger Girl team to recover the Necronomicon from the hands of the Hammer organization.

Powers & Abilities

Connection To The Necronomicon

This Ash got headaches whenever the Necronomicon was used.

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