Ash Williams was an S-Mart employee who, after a camping trip gone wrong, became a time-traveling warrior against the Deadites. He first appeared in Ash Vs. The Army of Darkness #0.


Return To S-Mart

After returning to the 21st Century from 1300 AD, Ash fought a Deadite woman in his S-Mart store. Although Ash tried to explain the situation to his S-Mart superiors, he was fired anyway.

Back To School

Shortly after his sudden termination from S-Mart, Ash was approached by Joanne Wentworth, who worked with the woman Ash killed in S-Mart at Alan Shepard High School. Joanne told Ash that in her co-worker's final days, the woman (and some of the students) had been behaving strangely, acting like wild animals. Ash tells Joanne that it sounds like a Deadite problem, and he should check it out. Joanne then comes up with a plan for Ash to go undercover as a substitute teacher and discover who has been tapering with the Necronomicon in the school. Ash agrees with plan since he'll get paid for it.


  • Unlike his film/TV counterpart, this Ash went to the Cabin in the 21st Century, not the 1980s.
  • One of the distinguishable features of this Ash is he carries a dark blue Chainsaw instead of a red one.
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