What? As if you've got someone better to do this job?
— President Williams

This Ash Williams was the 45th President of The United States of America in his home universe. He first appeared in the Army of Darkness: Ash For President one-shot.


The history of this Ash seems to be an amalgamation of the Ash of Earth-818793 and the Ash of the Ash and the Army of Darkness universe.

Becoming Involved With The 2016 Presidential Campaign

One night while relaxing at home, Ash found his copy of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis had been screaming. Ash sought the help of a psychic named Delilah, who informed him that an agent of the being known as "The Great Darkness" had been unleashed and possessed the body of one of the candidates of the 2016 Presidential Campaign (either Valerie SextonBrock Anders, or Norman Treadway). While attending a rally by Norman Treadway (who represents the Patriot Party), Ash watches as Treadway becomes possessed by a Deadite. Ash shoots the Deadite Treadway with his Boomstick as stunned onlookers try to rationalize the event that just transpired in front of them. One man approaches Ash and tells him that someone's got to fill in Treadway's spot on the ballot, and Ash seems like the perfect man for the job.

Some time passes and Ash is invited to participate in the final Presidential Debate in Atlanta,Georgia. Instead of trying to make a speech, Ash plans on saying four "magic" words that will cause the agent of The Great Darkness to reveal itself on live TV. When Ash can't remember how to pronounce the words, Delilah yells them out from the side of the stage, causing Mrs. Sexton to reveal herself as the agent. While Ash is trying to explain what is happening to Mr. Anders, he says the words correctly, revealing that Anders was also an agent. Delilah gives Ash his Chainsaw and Boomstick, and he quickly disposes of the two demons.


Now that there was no opponents left, Ash became president by default. During his inauguration, Ash placed his left hand on the bible while he was sworn into office since it was debated if using a prosthetic hand counted.


  • Ash mentions going to Hell and fighting with angels, something that occurred in the Ash And The League of Light series, implying that this is the Ash of Earth-818793. But he also mentions being an astronaut, which is something that happened to the Ash of the Ash And The Army of Darkness series in the Ash In Space story, not the Ash of Earth-818793.
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