— Ash Williams

Ash Williams was an employee at the SMART.COM warehouse. He first appeared in the "Ash Beyond" story in Army of Darkness 1992.1.


One day while in a digital simulation of a cabin in the woods with his purple haired girlfriend, Linda opened a malware file called Necronomicon, which corrupted both the digital and real world Linda. The malware then sent the digital Ash into an MMORPG, where he meets a wise hacker who is also fighting the Necronomicon Program, and tells him the three passwords that he needs to put into the Necronomicon Program to save Linda. When he arrives to a computer terminal back in the real world, he forgets the last part of password. As he struggles to remember the word, he is unaware that a virus infected Linda is behind him with an axe.


  • This Ash's catchphrase ("Ginchy") is a parody of the real Ash's catchphrase ("Groovy").
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