Ash Williams was an S-Mart employee who was prophesied in the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis to be the one to save mankind from the terror of the Deadites. His only appearance was in the 1992 comic book adaptation of Army of Darkness.


The Cabin

In this world, only Ash and his girlfriend Linda went to the Cabin, unlike his film counterpart, which had four other friends tag along. Linda was taken by a Kandarian Demon that had been unleashed by an archaeologist that had been studying the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Over the course of the night, Ash lost his hand to the Deadites, fought the Deadite Linda, and used the archaeologist's notes to try to find a way to stop the demon that had been unleashed. Since there was no Annie Knowby in this reality, Ash had to open the rift in time and space by himself.

1300 AD

Ash was accidently sucked into the rift and found himself in medieval England. He received an unfriendly welcome by a group of locals, with Lord Arthur attacking him, doubting his Wise Man that this "man from the skies" was The Chosen One. Ash retaliated and attacked Arthur, knocking the king off his horse. Ash's actions caused Arthur's army to subdue Ash, taking him captive. When Ash and the others arrived at Castle Kandar, he, along with a member of Henry The Red's army, was thrown into a pit full of Deadites. Ash managed to escape from the pit (the first person to do so) and was worshiped by the locals of 1300 AD. Eventually he was taken to the ruins of some ancient temple where the Wise Man informed him that he must retrieve the Necronomicon from a graveyard if he wishes to go home, and so Ash headed out on a quest to find the book. Over the course of this quest to get home, Ash grew an "Evil Ash" from out of his body, accidentally resurrected the Deadites, and fought this "Evil Ash" and his army of darkness.


When the battle against his evil clone was over, the Wise Man created a potion that would allow Ash to sleep for a century with every drop he swallowed. Instead of taking the 6 drops that would cause him to sleep until the 20th Century, Ash accidently took 7, causing him to find himself in a post-apocalyptic world, destroyed by a nuclear war.


  • This is the first "alternate universe" Ash to appear in any form of media outside of the Evil Dead movies. The next version would be the Ash that appeared in the first two THQ Evil Dead games.
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