Army of Darkness: Ash Vs. The Classic Monsters (sometimes called Ash Vs. Dracula) (Issues #8-11) is a four issue story arc in Dynamite Entertainment's first Volume of Army of Darkness comics. It picks up immediately after both the Army of Darkness: Old School story line and Dynamite's Monster War crossover series. Although Dracula is the main villain in the story, other "classic" monsters that appear are: Werewolves, Mummies, Vampires, Evil Ash (from the Ashes 2 Ashes miniseries) and Frankenstein's Monster.


Ash and Sugarbaby battle vampires in New York City with the help of Doctor Hieronyus Von Heinrich, who seeks Ash's help to battle Dracula because he is The Chosen One, but before the battle ends, Sugarbaby is bitten and taken away by vampires. Von Heinrich tells Ash that the Necronomicon tells of a Holly Artifact that is the only way to kill Dracula and free Sugarbaby from control of the vampires. With the help of Dracula's Daughter, and Frankenstein's Monster (who goes by the biblical name of Michael), the three defeat Dracula and his army with The Spike Of The Crucifixion. When the battle ends, Michael tells Ash that the evil has found their weakness and will exploit it the next time they confront it, and tells him to lay low for awhile.

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