This Ash was from a universe where insects evolved into the dominant life form. He first appeared in Army of Darkness Vol 3 #1.


Encountering "The Orb"

Ash was a janitor in a laboratory when he first encountered "the orb". When Ash came into the lab, a small group of scientist were studying the orb, which was placed on a pedestal. As Ash continued his janitorial duties, he accidently knocked over the orb, watching as it busted into small fragments. When he touched one of the orb fragments, he was turned into a half insect/half Deadite being, and proceeded to kill the scientist in the room.

Adventures Across The Multiverse

Although we don't know how or when, but Ash started traveling across the Multiverse after gaining his Deadite powers. At some point, he met Ashley K. Williams.

Stuck On Earth-818793

One day, Ash found himself in the universe known as Earth-818793 with Ashley K. Williams. He and Ashley were in ancient Egypt when they discovered a "Nexus Point" with an image of that universe's Chosen One. Ashley K. split up from Ash, deciding to seek out this Chosen One to see if he could help her control her powers, leaving Ash in the Nexus Point temple.

Shortly after returning from 1929 Chicago, Ashley J. Williams accidently summoned the insect Ash from wherever he had gone to after Ashley K. left him. For a few months, Ash lived with Ashley J. and The Wise Man, fighting the Deadites in the Detroit area. At some point while Ashley J. was fighting Montezuma and Colonel Zoch, Ash went back to his home universe with the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis.


  • The first alternate universe Ash not to be a human.
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